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    Deep in their yet to be described on screen lair, the heroic forces of the KNIGHTs, the Kanterran Neutral Individuals of Global Hazard or Threat, debate their public image. Specifically, new posters declaring proudly, Bring it on! A young man by the name of Aaron scratched furiously at a few stubborn strands of stubble. "I'm not feeling it." His teammate Lazarus offered a counterpoint. "Really? I think its powerful, let them know we're out there, doing the good work." And finally, the KNIGHTs' arguable founder, Sparrow, cut to the core of the issue. "Look, Aaron's right. Its a little cocky. Do we want people to fight us?" A couple scattered ums and ahs. "Whatever, I'm out. Don't really think I'm into this part. Show me the next one you guys make." Aaron casually raised his voice as she opened the door "I still think Star should be our mascot!" Sparrow ducked a thrown remote. "By the moons, let that slide already." He just kept chuckling. "Come on, you volunteered." Laz sighed. "The whole point is to show we're confident. We're making a difference. People know who we've dealt with, nobodies going to hunt us down just for a fight."
I mean, really? Pick a fight with some of the most dangerous and dedicated kinetics in Kanterra?
One week later...
Characters are from sarahowen97 , part of her Enderrian Chronicles. For a look at em see here 
Just kidding, 'ere ya go.
sarahowen97 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hahaha, Laz, stop tempting fate xD 
Weird-kid2016 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
lol, tru
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