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Where there's fire, there's smoke?
Ordinary people. No weapons carried, so the metal detectors missed the real threat. And then in a flash of light, the three were standing above the crowd, faces hidden hidden behind smiling masks. One of them lifted his hand, and the bank tellers were pulled into the glass. And back. And forward again with a harder impact each time. A man had lunged for one of them, stabbed him with a pocket knife. Just a laugh and this horrible flickering as he snapped his own neck around to look at the idiot who tried to play hero, before unhinging his jaw and swallowing him whole. The final one looked from camera to camera, turning them to watch.

"Jackie, what is this I'm reading?"
The flustered teacher had held her back. Every second the lines for lunch would get longer.
"Well you said write what we thought kinetics would do to the world."
"I said write the sort of societal effects would result from the development of abilities beyond the normal, not to submit some kind of natu
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YOU THERE! Yes you. Free writing requests. :iconanomnomnomymus:Anomnomnomymus 1 0
    Blaise studied Abstract Perfectionist Performance art in the University of Kenharrier (Go Harriers!). What that meant was beyond her understanding. The professor's understanding. A source of befuddlement to the entire university itself, beyond a clerk who’d alighted on a brilliant idea to save a few coins after the government had made student loans that perfect middle ground of screwing over educator and educated. The course had seemed the thing most likely to convince her parents that it was just a waste of money and time, and she was perfectly happy frying food and attending concerts. They feigned interest perfectly. What followed was to be four years of a freakish mixture of interpretive dance, painting with blood and ink, and a lecturer who eventually induced their own heart attack on stage in an attempt at combining every form of art they could think of in one last desperate grasp at what it all meant. Afterwards a clerk in the audience had quit. Neve
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My Follower's Bidding: Multiversalotal
Once there was a poor boy.
He would wade into the creeks and lakes about his house, crossing the streets and roads, in search of newts and toads.
He happened on an axolotol, stuffed inside a glistening bottle.
He set it free and watched it run, and caught it again for some fun.
Its skin was night and cold and stygian, and the boy growing bold licked the amphibian.
He saw the world and saw its sun, and saw himself and his wife's son. A different world and different earth, a great mist between the turf.
And further out and further still, world's uncounted.
Mountain forest hill, oceans and seas surmounted. And then he saw his little world and all its feature, within the body of tiny creature.
And all of that and more in there, beneath thin skin without a hair.
It called itself Old Slick, its voice repulsive, the child grow sick. He dropped it and began to cry, for what he saw was meant for I.
The little thing soon wandered off, while the child moaned and coughed.
It crossed the street and
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From the files of the KNIGHT, Blaise and Chandler
Blaise, Lesley. Alias Blaze, alias Match, alias Burnout.
Woman in Early 20s. Halish complexion. Ginger. 
Known kinetic extremist. Associates;  Terrence Chandler
Pyrokinetic (micro and macro), combusitikinetic, resistant to heat. Able to enhance the heat and spread of fire. Able to control the spread and direction of fire.
Chandler, Terrence. Alias Cthugha.
Male in mid 20s. Appears sunburned. Bald. No facial hair. 
Known kinetic extremist. Associates; Lesley Blaise
Pyrogenesis, extreme resistance to heat. Increased strength and resistance to pain whilst on fire. Able to set self on fire.

Written record of KNIGHT interview
S. Interview with key KNIGHTs, dealing with known Kinetic criminals. Paul is presently disposed of, but has left sufficient notes to carry the conversation. These logs will serve as a discussion point for theories on dealing with empowered individuals, with the goal being to serve as a general guide should similar individual
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    A last quick swig from her bottle of ginger ale, and Blaise pulled the bandana up over her nose and mouth. Soaked in water the damp cloth clung to her mouth. Plug the bottle's opening with a bit of cloth. Chandler had a worn mining respirator pinned to his chest, the mouthpiece flopping lazily by his head. In case of the smoke. Inside a couple of thugs counted their cash. It took them a day to find their car. The idiots that stole it were a load easier, the used car dealer they'd dumped it on had practically served them up on a platter. Once her Thug did his burny thing. They'd got their car back. Drove out to this little shack in the middle of nowhere.
“I mean it's like we’re being rewarded. No bystanders, no collateral, nice and empty, dirt path so no wildfire. I went and doused some of the grass just in case.”
“Good things come to those who wait, Burnout.”
“If you say so, uh, wanna do the thing?”
He gave a thumbs up, and l
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Tis Done :iconanomnomnomymus:Anomnomnomymus 0 0 Would that it were that easy :iconanomnomnomymus:Anomnomnomymus 0 0 Suddenly Shouting :iconanomnomnomymus:Anomnomnomymus 0 0 Zee Phantom Block :iconanomnomnomymus:Anomnomnomymus 0 0 Zee Mistakes in CAD turn out artistic :iconanomnomnomymus:Anomnomnomymus 0 0 Somewhere inside of you is a cube hoping to escape :iconanomnomnomymus:Anomnomnomymus 0 0 New Wallpaper :iconanomnomnomymus:Anomnomnomymus 0 2
The ballad on the radio drew to a close just in time for the car to pull over. Beaten up. Running on fumes of one kind and smelling of another. “Aw man, that was sad.” *Grunt.* The two climbed out. A woman in leather jacket, sleeves torn off to show off heavily inked arms that could almost pass for camouflage in the half light. A scruffy man in a worn black coat that dragged on the floor, iron-on badges all across one shoulder and down the arm. He spun the keychain on his finger and thumbed the lock..The car beeped once and died before it could finish.
“Hey. Hey Ceets. Thuggie. Cartoooooon.” Her voice dragged like only a lifetime of smoke packed in early could. But a warm tone and a hearty smile beat their way past and to the front.
“What, mortal wretch?” His was a bad impression of that deep bad guy you go in pulpy tv. The kind that got possessed by some ancient evil and started using a word a day calendar.
“Not very nice.”
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Rooftop Rumble
    The morning was crisp. A slight breeze blew through the city and picked up just in time to gently buffet the rooftop where three friends gathered about their parked... ship. They'd settled on ship. It was no more a helicopter or plane than it was their property strictly speaking. One sat and fiddled with a cross between a water tower, generator, and air conditioner. Aaron was happy enough to work. Lazarus on the other hand..."So why are we here again?" 
"Research. I told you this already Laz. Some 20 times. On the way in. This generator's an early model and its been running almost since they introduced it. They don't make them like this any more, and that might be important. Remember that pyrokinetic last week?"
The third joined in. Short next to the others, but much more commanding in her stance. Her attire could be mistaken for casual, simple jeans, hoodie and sneakers, were it not for a holstered knife on one leg, gun opposite. "Oh yeah Laz, the one that set
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Rooftop Rumble, Bring it
    Deep in their yet to be described on screen lair, the heroic forces of the KNIGHTs, the Kanterran Neutral Individuals of Global Hazard or Threat, debate their public image. Specifically, new posters declaring proudly, Bring it on! A young man by the name of Aaron scratched furiously at a few stubborn strands of stubble. "I'm not feeling it." His teammate Lazarus offered a counterpoint. "Really? I think its powerful, let them know we're out there, doing the good work." And finally, the KNIGHTs' arguable founder, Sparrow, cut to the core of the issue. "Look, Aaron's right. Its a little cocky. Do we want people to fight us?" A couple scattered ums and ahs. "Whatever, I'm out. Don't really think I'm into this part. Show me the next one you guys make." Aaron casually raised his voice as she opened the door "I still think Star should be our mascot!" Sparrow ducked a thrown remote. "By the moons, let that slide already." He just kept chuckling. "Come on, you volunteered." Laz si
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Calvin Alfred Turner
United Kingdom
This Bio used to be pretentious filler. NO MORE. My name is now somewhat ironic, always was. I'm an American Englishman, a former kiwi, an eccentric sort, a perplexed apprentice, and bored enough that I'll take whatever writing prompts you've got if you toss in a follow.


For the first time in near enough a decade, I live in a home my family owns. Rentals, apartments and camping from New Zealand to Colorado. Now, a new build in the West Midlands forms a formiddable domacile. Construction continues around us, the road is unpaved, yet I feel at home, a proper home. Each day, the dust of their work is swept through the streets by a fierce and bracing wind, and the roads are the red of brick. The rainfall draws forth a flow of mud across the pavement, and the trainline can be heard in the distance on a good day.
I extend my offer of free writing a final time, cos otherwise I'ma be writing Worm fanfic over on spacebattles for a fair while. I'm just kidding, it'll be posted here too.
White Plains NY, Milwaukee Wisconsin, Cape Coral Florida, Auckland New Zealand, Bucklands Beach NZ, Cape Coral Florida, Superior Colorado, Leamington Spa England, Kenilworth, Leamington Spa. I've been around. Keep moving on.
Bored again. More free requests for all.
Today my brother finally got me to finish Life is Strange. If you enjoy time travel, complex characters, and the cruel malignancy of the butterfly effect, you'll like Life is Strange.


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